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Same content, new look. NE RSC has a new website.

The Northeast Regional Stratgy Committee (RSC), one of three regional strategy committees (Southeast RSC and West RSC), has unveiled a new website designed to support the more than 50 federal, state, tribal, and local agency and organization partners in their efforts to implement of the National Cohesive Wildland Fire Management Strategy in the 20 Northeast and Midwest State region.  This website is supported by the Northeast-Midwest State Foresters Alliance (NMSFA).

This website is organized by the three goals of the Cohesive Strategy – Resilient Landscapes, Fire Adapted Communities, and Wildfire Response. This website features a “I am a…” set of links that contains information on applicable resources, and is organized by whether the user is a member a local community leader, a state or federal partner, a fire department or a homeowner.

Much of the information in the website is contained in the recently published Northeast Wildfire Preparedness Resource Guide. Other features include links to resources in support of all three goals, a current announcements section, a link to success stories, an event calendar, and more. The latest NE RSC monthly newsletter and past issues are posted on the website as well.

Please visit and bookmark the NE RSC website at: For more information on the website, please contact Larry Mastic, NE RSC Coordinator at

Community Leader

State and Federal Partner