USDA and DOI Plans for Confronting the Wildfire Crisis

The Forest Service has launched a robust, 10-year strategy to squarely address this wildfire epidemic in the places where it poses the most immediate threats to communities. The strategy, called “Confronting the Wildfire Crisis: A Strategy for Protecting Communities and Improving Resilience in America’s Forests,” combines a historic investment of congressional funding with years of scientific research and planning into a national effort that will dramatically increase the scale of forest health treatments over the next decade. Read More

In addition the DOI Office of Wildland Fire has recently released its “Wildfire Risk Five-Year Monitoring, Maintenance, and Treatment Plan”, April 2022 that emphasizes fire-prone DOI and Tribal lands comprising up to 30 million additional acres. These include rangelands and other vegetative ecosystems that pose serious fire risks. Read the DOI plan.

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